About Us

keyhandNationwide Funding Corp is a Private Money Broker designed for Asset based lending. We Fund, Lend, Sell & and Purchase Real Estate. With Asset Based lending as our model. Nationwide Funding Corp has ever solutions for your needs. Whether you are funding a construction project or building a home, Nationwide is there for you! We have access to unlimited resources and fund projects starting from the smallest project to the most complex.

Nationwide Funding Corp provides asset-based lending to investors looking for funding on non-owner occupied residential and commercial investment deals. All Nationwide Funding Corp loans are evaluated with asset-based standards, as opposed to the conventional standards utilized by banks and other institutions. That means that even if you don’t meet the stringent requirements and guidelines of banks and more traditional lenders, you can still quickly and confidently make offers on real estate deals.

Nationwide Funding Corp, maintains a considerable track records in private money lending and works primarily with individuals who put a premium on trust. Nationwide Funding Corp invites you to visit your local office to discuss your objectives and the opportunities offered via private money lending.

Nationwide Funding Corp’s mission is to provide capital to real estate investors allowing them to gain financial freedom through profitable real estate transactions.